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Lawn & Tree Plant Health Care


Green Turf Lawnscapes is a professional Plant Health Care company providing comprehensive lawn & tree care services in addition to expert diagnostic skills.

The "Lawn Scapes" in our company name, is a term Green Turf Lawnscapes coined in 1984, referring to the delicate balancing act Green Turf performs while managing the interaction between the root system of your lawn and the root system of your trees and shrubs.

As a convenience, we offer Free Lawn & Tree Evaluations. We can stop by and conduct the evaluation even if you're not home. We merely leave all the information at your front door for you to review after you're off work or back from errands. We can then catch up over the phone or make an appointment to meet in person at your convenience. We offer paperless billing and we accept all major credit cards and eChecks. Discounts are available for the prepayment of your service prior to the beginning of work.

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Now Hiring Professional Pesticide Applicator's
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Early Watering In the Spring, Results in Less Watering this Summer
As we leave winter behind us, one situation will persist unless we correct a soil moisture problem. We have all witnessed farmers watering their fields late into the fall or just prior to planting. Farmers are recharging the "subsoil moisture", which essentially is a battery of reserved water that can be drawn upon between rains or irrigation cycles during the summer. On residential lawns...


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