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Todd Graus Consulting

Natural Resources Consultant

Todd has been associated with the Landscaping and Agricultural Industry since 1976 and has extensive experience in Natural Resource Issues and is ready to serve you. Todd Graus owns Green Turf Lawnscapes, Inc. in Wyoming  and Yellowstone Compact & Commodities Corp. Internationally. 

  • Todd holds a B.S. Degree in Forest Management from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (School of Natural Resources)
    • Natural Resources
    • Water Quality
    • Forest Pathology
    • Wilderness Management
    • Fire Ecology
    • Agronomy
  • Nationwide Consulting Arborist
  • National Director of the Professional Lawn Care Association and PLANET. 
  • Reader Advisory Staff of Landscape Management Magazine.
  • Wyoming Young Farmer of the Year - 2000.

                      University Research

    • Water Quality and Nitrate Contamination of Ground Water (Wyoming DEQ & Federal EPA)
    • Turfgrass used as a Biofilter (Worland Wyoming DEQ & Federal EPA)
    • Pesticide Metabolism of RoundUp (Colorado State University)
    • Riparian Area Protection (Colorado State University)
    • Evaluation of Herbicides (Colorado State University)
    • White Pine Regeneration(Kelly, Wyoming - Colorado State University)
    • Lawn Clipping Silage(TM) - BioPac'r Inventor Patent Pending
    • Tree Root Structures (Teton County - Colorado State University)
    • Lawn Clipping Silage Cattle feeding study (University of Wyoming)

Consulting Arborist

For many people, trees are an automatic, self-sustaining part of our world. Trees are a source of shade, air conditioning and visual appeal that are "just there", often overlooked, and sadly taken for granted.

Trees in our developed environment present a challenge, requiring careful planning and vigilant maintenance. The shared public trust of governments, businesses and homeowners is responsible for tree planting's that grow, thrive and remain safe. And when a problem occurs, if a tree causes damage or becomes a public safety hazard, a source for advice and mediation is often needed.

The role of the Consulting Arborist is to bring a comprehensive, objective viewpoint to the diagnosis, appraisal and evaluation of arboricultural issues.  Consulting Arborists Serve a Variety of Needs

For Attorneys: we provide expert witness testimony in cases that involve damage or injury related to trees.

For Insurance Companies: we provide appraisals to determine a tree's value in property claims.

For Developers, Planners and Landscape Architects: we provide evaluation of the environmental impact on development, long-term planning for placement and maintenance of trees, inspection of plant material, and information regarding the preservation of existing trees.

For Municipalities: we provide evaluation and planning for long-term public plantings and help to develop tree related ordinances.

For Homeowners: we provide site evaluations, diagnoses of plant health issues and provide a Rx to maintain or regain thhealth of turfgrass, shrubs or trees.



Expert Training From A Comprehensive Approach

A True Consulting Arborist requires experience and technical skills but these two items are still not enough.

A solid four year degree in a Forestry (Natural Stands and Urban) is a must, never settle for less. 

Todd Graus not only fits this mold but has two additional years of soil science from the University of Nebraska and 2 years of Graduate School from the University of Wyoming studying AgriEcology.

Experience and Skills must be matched with a broad understanding of interrelated issues like plant physiology, soil science, water quality, social impact and social economics in addition to legal, commercial and regulatory understandings in order to render the "big picture" view of your issue at hand.

A Planned Process
  • Utilizing a thorough and fully documented process for all projects, a NR Consulant provides a consistent approach to problem solving and planning.
A Call To Ethical Standards
  • Adherence to the Standards of Professional Practice is an everyday part of a NR Consultants approach.

A Personal Passion & Drive

  • Enough Said!



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