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Environmentally Responsible Pest Control


Only Offered in towns served by the Worland Wyoming Office


Green Turf Lawnscapes Pest Control Services WY Idaho

At Green Turf Lawnscapes, we want you to know that the pest controls we use are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and pose no threat to humans, pets, or the environment when applied correctly. 

We apply pest controls only when and where needed to minimize health risks.

Leave it to the Professionals

Effective pest control is a complex process that requires a great deal of knowledge and training.  Why try to do it yourself when we can do it for you...with guaranteed results!  Give Green Turf Lawnscapes a call today with any questions you may have about pest control, or to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. 

How About an Organic  Alternative?

Our Organic strategy is designed for our clients that are interested in a GREEN approach as an alternative to our other conventional approaches. 

Organic products were formulated to only work for a short duration of time, therefore our Organic Alternative is only offered on a Monthly basis in an annual contract. 

We use a variety of specialized products that can leave your rooms smelling like Peppermint, Cloves or even Wintergreen.  We also use natural pyrethrum products derived from chrysanthemum flowers in areas where the pests harbor & enter a structure.  We hope you will also become one of thousands of satisfied clients we now assist.

It's Your House, Not Theirs!

Since pests will never stop trying to gain access to your home, it makes sense to have a treatment plan in place for protection throughout the year.  And that's where we can help. 

At Green Turf Lawnscapes we can identify and treat any current pest problems you may be having, and then develop a customized plan with regularly scheduled visits for ongoing protection.

 On every visit we will inspect the inside and outside of your home for signs of pest activity, then apply the appropriate treatments for any unwelcome invaders. 

We'll be sure to closely examine and treat those areas inside your home where pests are most likely to be found, including cracks, crevices, bathrooms, basements, attics, crawl spaces, kitchens, cabinets, fireplaces, and water heater closets.

To help stop additional pests from coming inside, we'll apply a protective barrier treatment to the outside of your home, paying special attention to your foundation, window wells, door sills, and anywhere else that might offer access to the inside. 

Customized Treatments

No two homes are exactly alike, and chances are that your specific treatment needs will differ from those of your neighbors.  By carefully inspecting your home and taking your family's unique lifestyle into account, we can create a customized treatment and monitoring plan that fits your needs and budget perfectly.  

For maximum control, your ongoing treatment and monitoring plan may include any or all of the following:  crack and crevice injections, void treatments in powder form, directed contact treatments to flush pests out of hiding, baits, insect growth regulators and protective barrier treatments.

We're here to keep annoying pests out of your home and out of your life!

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