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Lawn Care Services


Serving communities around Jackson WY, and Worland, WY


Our seasonal programs are rooted in science and inferior products will never be used on your lawn.   


Our lawn care programs use dry, granular fertilizers that slowly meter out their nutrients to the turf, promoting a deep vigorous root system, which leads to a thick, lush lawn, weed free lawn. 


We apply a very light coat of a liquid weed control product that controls over 70 different broadleaf weeds.  This application dries very rapidly and is safe to walk on within an hour after application.  Green Turf's weed control products will not harm the roots of your trees, this principle is called lawnscaping.

Because the Green Turf  approach requires us to make two separate trips over the lawn, once to fertilize and a second to spray weeds, our staff has ample time to be on the look out for any issues that may arise.

We Offer a 4-Step or 5-Step Lawn Care Program

Step 1  -- Early Spring 

This treatment will help jump start your lawns root system with a very important Green Turf Lawnscapes starter fertilizer.  The color of your lawn begins to transform from brown and yellow to green.  Annual weeds like dandelions and clover are treated if they are present.

Step 2 --  Late Spring

A slow release fertilizer is applied to maintain vigorous growth that develops that dark green color you have come to expect.  Broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover are still common this time of year and are sprayed as needed.

Step 3 -- Summer

As our temperatures are heating up your lawn will be dark green and weed free.  Our summerizer fertilizer is designed to help your lawn beat the heat. Any remaining broadleaf weeds are spot treated to reduce stress to the turf.  

Step 4 -- Fall

As temperatures begin to decline, your lawn begins to repair its root system from the stresses of summer.  Our Fall fertilizer is applied to encourage the development of new roots.  We also spray your lawn for newly emerging broadleaf weeds.

Step 5 -- Late Fall

As winter approaches, the root system that we developed with the fall fertilizer quickly fill with stored carbohydrates.  This application is responsible for a fast greenup next spring.

Optional Services:

  • Lawn Aeration is an annual service that reduces soil compaction, while allowing for the infiltration of air, water and nutrients promoting a deeper root system.  
  • Insect Control is sometimes needed to control chinchbugs, sod webworms or grubs.
  • Disease Control is required when specific environmental conditions favor disease activity.
  • Grassy Weed Control is applied to discourage or kill crabgrass (water-grass).

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