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Iron Chlorosis of Maple Trees

Iron Chlorosis of Maple


Iron chlorosis shows first and more severely on the newer growth at branch tips.  Growing leaves may be smaller than normal.  Leaves may eventually curl, dry up, and fall.  Fruits may be small with a bitter flavor.  Mildly affected plants become unsightly and grow poorly.  In severe cases or if iron chlorosis persists over several years, individual limbs or the entire tree may die.

It is common for iron chlorosis to show on a single branch or on one side of a tree.  This is particularly common for plant species with marginal winter hardiness and on the southwest side of the tree following winter injury. 

The Cure

Plant species and varieties vary greatly in their susceptibility to iron deficiency.   Green Turf Lawnscapes has the solution to this problem.


Dry Spots in Lawn

Some dry spots that refuse to green up after days and days of watering can be a real head banger!  Hydrophobic Soil Condition is a situation when the lawn is watered but the water doesn't soak in or wet the soil, resulting in yellow spots or even dried out areas.  This situation is not a result of the lack of watering but rather a soil chemistry problem that will not allow the water to wet the soil particle. This problem can be corrected with Green Turf Lawnscapes' exclusive "Revitalize" application. 


Frost Crack (always face south)

A Frost Crack is a form of tree damage  found on the southerly side of  trees.  The vertical fractures on the southerly facing surfaces of tree trunks is from the tree freezing solid during the night but once the sun comes up and begins to quickly thaw the south facing side faster than the north side, the bark "pops" and there you have a frost crack.


Pet Urine spots

Dog spots are a result of the "Urea nitrogen" in your dogs urine.  This is a condition observed on lawns that have shallow roots due to an improper fertilization program.  Another cause is the hormone change in dogs due to heat cycles or change in diet. 

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