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Our Professional Staff


Key Staff by Location

Owner, Bookeeper, Office Manager, GTL Call Center Administrator

Holly Graus

Holly is one of the owners of Green Turf Lawnscapes and  has been in the lawn and tree care industry since 1997 when she married Todd.  She earned her Degree in Accounting from Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, CO. 

Holly serves as the President of Green Turf, overseeing all of the scheduling of crews, supervision of office staff and the accounting of the business.  Though she has many different roles, her favorite part of the job is speaking to our clients.  Whether you have a question on your bill, have questions or concerns on your lawn, or just want to chat, Holly is always happy to speak with you.

Being a mom is by far Holly's most cherished job.  Juggling a business and a family is enough to keep anybody running crazy, but she wouldn't have it any other way.  Her faith and her family are her #1 priority.



Joel A.

Joel is the General Manager in Worland, Wyoming.  This branch serves the Eastern Big Horn Basin, from Thermopolis to Greybull, Powell and Cody, Wyoming. He has been a part of the Green Turf family Since 1998.

Joel grew up in Worland, Wyoming where he attended school K-12th grade, graduating in 1988. During his teenage years his mother instilled a hard work ethic and the need to be professional at  one's job. After graduating high school Joel enlisted in the United States Air Force where he  was Certified as a nuclear missile maintenance technician.  He maintained  silo launched missiles.

In his free time Joel loves to spend time with his two kids, Bettina and Josh. Joel has been a leader for a local group called Celebrate Recovery where he loved to give back to the community and help those seeking to gain a better life for themselves through God and Addiction Recovery. He also loves sports; football (Dallas Cowboys), basketball, volleyball, and several different related activities.  He loves attending concerts, community events, and enjoys living in a small town where everyone knows each other and looks out for one another.  Joel has a strong Faith in God and attends church on a regular basis.

 Joel's Pledge

As the Manager, I will ensure a reliable and  professional service that  earns your satisfaction year after year. We want to get to know the wants and needs of your lawn, trees and home. The professional products applied to your property will be done by a properly trained team member and should you have any questions or concerns I will deal with them personally. 

Professional Forester, Consulting Arborist, Turf Expert, Bio Mass Sustainability Expert

Todd Graus

Todd Graus has owned and operated Green Turf Lawnscapes, Inc since 1984 when he first created the company.  Todd holds a BS Degree  in Forest Management from Colorado State University,  with an emphasis on diseases of trees.  He is a Professional Forester, Consulting Arborist and a master of diagnosing the real illnesses of trees.  He has served the Green Industry in different capacities his entire career.  For four years he served as a National Director of the Professional Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA), he has served on the Reader Advisory Staff at Landscape Management Magazine,  and is a regular contributor to lawn and tree maintenance magazines.  Over the last 10 years he has been recognized as one of the Top Ten lawn care companies in America.

Todd is also the inventor of the BioPac'r, a device that diverts grass clippings away from landfills with his patented portable packaging system that creates a fermented, pesticide-free livestock feed that helps farmers become more Profitable and Sustainable.  Https://

Todd is an avid hunter, hiker and outdoorsman.  On family hiking trips there is nothing he enjoys better than to drive the family crazy with lectures about flora and fauna, the occasional disease or insect issues facing the current understory of the climax communities and the types of tree bark that are edible...well, you get the picture. 

Todd and wife Holly have three children; Gage is a Junior and plays Varsity on the Jackson Hole High School basketball team. Rebekah attends Colorado State University in Fort Collins and is in the Early Education Program to become a kindergarten teacher because of her love for children.  Sydney is attending College in California in Physiology and then on to lawn school. She really wants to represent battered women and put the low lifes behind bars that commit such atrocities.

Todd's Pledge

Public Safety is always my number one concern.

  • I promise to treat your property as I do my own.
  • I promise that  inferior liquid fertilizers and "dangerous, Restricted Use Only" products, will never be used on your property. 
  • I promise to you that my staff will be friendly and professionally trained to exceed your expectations. 
  • I promise that our staff will be of the highest character, honest and trustworthy and if there is ever an issue... the BUCK stops at me!

Career Opportunities

Have you always wanted to live and work in the mountains? Raise a family in the safe environment of a rural community?

We are the leader in Tree & Lawn Plant Health Care in Northern Wyoming.  With offices in Jackson Hole, WY and Worland, WY, located outside the entrances of Yellowstone National Park, we may just  have a perfect position for that outdoor adventurer.

Green Turf Lawnscapes, Inc. has been expanding and is currently searching for individuals with a professional image committed to our high standards of customer service and fact based knowledge in the care of Trees and Turf.

IF you think you have some skills we would be looking for..

Email your Resume', Cover letter and enlarged copy of your drivers license to . We have offices in Worland, Wyoming and Jackson Hole, Wyoming so tell us your preference of communities.


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