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We hope you enjoy some of our personal insights into the world of Plant Health Care over the last 4 decades.

Spraying, Fertilization, Diagnostics, Prescriptions and even some history of the "Original" Green Industry before the term GREEN was hijacked for political gain.

Green Turf Lawnscapes has always lead the industry in innovation when one of the first fertilizer products was invented to cure iron chlorosis of Pin Oaks in high pH soils.

Todd Graus and Green Turf Lawnscapes is always gaining some form of recognition from the Green Industry or offering years of experience as contributors to national magazines like the one that put Wyoming on the map in plant health care, "Lawn Care in Nowhere".

Interesting fact, Ace Hardware Corp. has a lawn fertilizer line called "Green Turf". Owner Todd Graus owner of Green Turf Lawnscapes gave Don J., owner of the Grand Island Nebraska ACE HARDWARE, his blessing to name a new brand Green Turf. Of course, the fertilizers that Ace puts in their bags are not of the commercial grade the we put on your lawns.

Green Turf also developed a unique early season water regime that creates deeper roots systems that allow you to water less to maintain a green lawn in 100 degree temps.

Green Turf developed an Online Pesticide Training site where others could come to obtain re-certification for pesticide user safety in the form of videos. Green Applicator has trained been training seasoned and entry level pesticide applicators since 2008.

This interview for the Industry Story, Reduce Callbacks actually gave me the idea for Green Applicator Training.

And then of course, the company that conducted the field trials and development of Grass Clipping Silage for the game changing new cattle feed produced when spent grass clippings are processed with a BioPac'r.

Green Turf Lawnscapes is the lead dog, for all the other competitors, their view never changes!

Until next time, keep enjoying your trees and turf!