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What is water grass?

Depending on the part of the nation you come from water grass can actually be two different plants. Water grass has became a generic name given to two different plants.

The first plant is Course Fescue (like K-31 bunchgrass) a plant that is present through the entire growing season that grows much faster during the summer season or during the peak watering season. It looks like wide bladed kentucky bluegrass which is the grass variety that predominantly makes up northern lawns.

The second plant named regionally as water grass is crabgrass. It got it's name because it becomes mature and noticable when the heat of the summer gets here during August and water demands are at their highest levels.

A company that sprays liquid lawn fertilizer told me to prevent burning, water asap.  What does "burning" mean ?

Liquid fertilizer (fast release) requires you to water the lawn as soon as possible to prevent the fertilizer from dehydrating your grass blades out or burning it. Liquid Fertilizer is a salt and salt draws moisture out of all plant tissue. Green Turf only uses dry, granular fertilizers that meter out the nutrients to your turf, promoting a deep vigorous root system that requires less watering during the hot months.

Why is my evergreen tree turning brown?

Several reason for browning foliage of evergreens exist.  Winter kill, winter desiccation or bark borer activity are the three main issues.

We have very capable staff members, one of which will come out to inspect your evergreen for FREE, we will be able to pin point the pest causing the browning to your shrubs and recommend the proper course of action.