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When it came to lawn and tree service companies, I was once a price shopper. Green Turf promised me great value but not necessarly the cheapest price. I figured I'd bite the bullet for a few years and give them a try. I've been a Green-Turfer for 14 years now and their service is still worth bragging about.

Please thank the nice young man for adjusting my sprinkler system time clock. We have been struggling with the spots in our lawn for years and my other lawn company never thought to adjust the time.

Michael A.


Todd and Holly,

Just a note to tell you thanks, when we met last spring you promised a thicker, greener, weed free lawn and Bingo, your staff delivered.

Swan Valley, ID

Karl & Sara


Thanks Todd for coming out to our home. I can't believe the former company misidentified our American elm as an Ash! The tree is beginning to recover and the dieback has stopped completely. I'm glad we have a tree expert company like GTL in the Area.
Elba S.


Green Turf,

The nice young men that stopped by did a great job explaining to me what they were doing and what to expect from this application. When your yellow van pulled up to my house I thought to myself, "Cool, Green Turf actually showed up when they said they would". Very rare for this valley. Keep up the great work and I'll surely tell a friend of mine to check into your services as well.

Kelly K.