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Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC is one of many sites that lawn care volunteers converge upon during the summer to fertilize. This picture was taken on one such trip that the Green Turf staff volunteered their time over a weeks period of time.

The Green Industry soldiers of lawn care professionals nationwide donated semi loads of fertilizer for the volunteer force to apply.  This is the ONLY fertilizer that this site gets all season.

after several years on our 5-step program, this lawn is healthy and green!

Our products and our processes are Trout Friendly.  This picture was taken before the trees on the creek leafed out! This lawn is characteristic of our Flagship 5-Step Regular Program. Our lawns green-up fast in the spring because of our dry, granular, slow release fertilizer Winterizer fertilizer that only comes with the Regular Program. The challenge on this property is the obvious mountain creek flowing up to the back of this lawn and the pond in the foreground. We use environmentally responsible products on all of our properties safe enough to use along rivers, ponds or wildlife refuges.


We are not limited to small residential lawns, we serve commercial lawns as well.

There isn't a visible weed out there yet. Green Turf Staff will drag 300 feet of hose searching for even one trespasser. This is just how we roll! The only yellow on our lawns is the yellow Green Turf shirt.

GREEN TURF after the 2nd App

This lawn is deep green 42 days after snow melt being on Green Turf Lawnscapes 5-Step Regular Program the previous season. Our special formulated Dry, Granular fertilizers promote deep, vigorious root systems that achieve a deep dark green color during the heat of the summer. Our products and programs are tailored to the specific needs of the area. Inferior liquid fertilizers are NEVER used on Green Turf lawns. That's a Guarantee!

The Green Turf Difference

This lawn in the background was a lawn that had been on Green Turf's 5-Step Regular Program the previous year, resulting in a fast green-up in the spring.