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The day after the 4th of July is a day we cleanup the yard from the party that lasted until midnight. By the next week we start getting calls for brown of yellow spots in folks lawns. Many times these small spots are the result of sparklers that we dropped in the lawn still hot, smoke bombs, including pop bottle rockets that were launched from over 1000 of feet away.

When they land they are still hot enough to wilt green grass beyond repair.

 But this is also the time of year when Dollar Spot becomes active. Dollar Spot Disease is associated with turf that dried out too much before you could get water on it, or lawns that are watered at night from 6pm – 3am are more prone to this disease. When grass starts to turn brown, this situation weekends the turf and makes is vulnerable to lawn diseases.

Grass blades develop an “hourglass” lesion halfway down the blade, many leaves together form silver dollar sized spots, that if left untreated, merge into patches. 

A fungicide needs to be applied as soon as possible.

Until Next Time!